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For most people, buying a home is the biggest financial purchase they’ll ever make.  When you start the home buying process, you’ll definitely be introduced to different property types, including Multi-Unit Or Duplex, Planned Unit Development /PUD, Condominium or Apartments, Single-Family Homes, and more. 

Among the mentioned property types, Single-Family Homes, in particular, might be the right home or investment property for you. You’ll get an answer as to “WHY” later on, but first, let us explain what Single-Family Home means


Single-Family Home refers to a property that includes one main living unit where the property owner is the legal and rightful owner of the building and the lot of land.  It has its individual utility services, like water and heating, as well as street access. 

There are two types of single-family homes: Attached single-family homes and Detached single-family homes. Attached single-family homes are home units wherein the occupants inhabit a shared wall with another home. They’re often found in the form of row houses, duplexes, or town homes while Detached single-family homes, on the other hand, are separate structures that don’t share a wall with another building.


According to Pew Research, around 43 million  American households rent their home. And while the rental property market continues to grow, now is the time to take your property into an income-generating investment! How? Simply have a well-trusted property management company to do all the “renting-out” hassles for you. 

When the Pandemic hit, no industry was not affected by it. However, people who got their property for rent were able to earn a profit even during the COVID-19 recession – which explains why most property experts suggest investing in Single-Family Home Property. SFH is forecasted to increase in demand, partly due to millennials. Millennials want a home with space to raise a family, and them becoming more transient, they’re likely willing to rent – no matter how costly it is. 

If you’re still wondering what really is the buying edge of Single-Family Homes, here are the Pros and Cons which can help you levy if it is the right property type for you:


  • – If you’ve got a detached single-family home and rented it out, tenants have the advantage of not sharing walls or common areas with neighbours. Therefore, privacy is very much promoted. 


  • – Large yards to upkeep is both a challenge and a privilege for SFH. Your tenants will have an extended space for them to play with children, picnic, or even garden or host barbecue events. You can’t get these to other property types like condos and townhomes.


  • – Tenants can have an extra huge storage space like an attic, garage or basement.



  • – For long-term tenants, you may find it annoying when they’re too used to the place and do stuff on their own like change of wall paints or tile works. 


  • – Tenants are responsible for landscaping and outdoor maintenance unless the homeowners association (HOA) fees cover this.


  • – You as the owner, may experience payment fluctuations for homeowners insurance and property taxes.



A single-family home can be a great option if you’re a first-time home buyer planning on staying in the home long term and you want a yard for your family to enjoy. If you plan to have it as an investment property that’s needed to be rented out, you’ll absolutely get a huge market margin since a lot of occupants would want to be responsible for both exterior and interior upkeep of a property – to call it as home. Your investment in a Single-family home can pay off over time as your property increases in value and you build equity.


Your SFH Property can surely be rented out, plus secure a low vacancy rate – if you’ve got the best and most trusted management company to help you.


APG PROPERTIES is a team of prominent property management experts which handle all related works with your property. From tenant screening, move-in/ move out to evictions, they manage it all for you. Plus, they process all documents and prepare all abiding records to federal laws too!


They grease the wheels on the monthly rent cycle while giving you the robust accounting records you need – so there’s no need to worry about how the rent collection will be remitted. To keep you away from worries of what property hassles can bring, APG PROPERTIES will handle it all for you. 

Interested about OC properties?

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