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There’s nothing scary about getting your property rented out. If you’ve just acquired your space, chances are, you’re indecisive whether you’re going to shift it as investment. Few reasons are:

But, what if, we are to tell you that you’ll definitely have an earning rental property investment in all-proven stress free proceedings? Yes, you definitely read it right! 

When it comes to renting out homes, Practitioner Resources  always take the extra mile to serve investment property owners in the finest and most professional property handling. We, Practitioner Resources, is your partner towards a successful real estate investment – especially in the Placentia area. 


Placentia is one of the areas that Practitioner Resources serve. We manage single-family homes, condos, apartments, office and commercial centers – whether they’re newly built or not. We are one of largest companies to provide property management in Placentia. 

Everyone deserves the rightful experienced professional when it comes to Placentia property management. Our services aim to provide high quality service to clients that’s very cost effective, safe, and very much drive a satisfactory income profit. 

Maintenance Services

Vary from plumbing to landscaping or of repairs. Our maintenance is routed through our maintenance coordinator who’s responsible for creating a work order and getting the job done overall. 

Accounting Rent Collection

No more worries on who’s to keep the rent collected, Practitioner Resources reports on all activity on a monthly basis and sends reports to our clients.

Screening Process for Tenants

We make sure you get to have a tenant that you’ll be able to trust with your property and deal only with those who will result in a better outcome for you and your property. 

Move in- Move out or evictions

Your property should always be ready should there be new tenants to come, so we coordinate with the move out proceedings to have it vacant fast, and prep for the next tenant to arrive. We also handle the evictions of toxic tenants, so no worries at all. 

Full Service Property Management

We deal with all issues that come up on the property, middling the owner and the tenant. We ask you for specific information regarding your needs for property management in Placentia, and do the work hassle for you.


If you are interested in getting a management proposal, we have 24/7 support that could attend your queries. Our office can create a rental estimation and proposal for you in a short period of time (depending on the property type). Feel free to call us! 

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Are you a service provider?

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