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There’s a lot more behind the real estate industry. While others see it as a portal to find your next home or first-time property buys, why not have your own property be rented out and earn from it? 

No matter what property type you currently own, there’s absolutely a huge market for your space – especially in Orange County!


Orange County is a region in Southern California. It is famed not only for its sunny weather and dramatic Pacific coastline, but also takes pride in its prominent surfing spots like Huntington Beach and Laguna Beach, etc. Plus, it also has quite a number of world-renowned parks, museums and shopping areas.

It’s also known for Anaheim’s Disneyland Resort, a huge complex of rides, restaurants and shops, plus the Newport Beach’s boat-filled harbor that sits opposite the Balboa Peninsula. What is more interesting is that it is only a few minutes to an hour drive going up the coast of Los Angeles to the home of Hollywood studios, and more. It is no wonder why everyone is so excited to experience this area. 

With numerous people moving into the area, this is your sign to invest in this area by purchasing property to rent.

When you begin the process of purchasing a property, contracts, documents or anything you see that’s new may seem intimidating, and you’re  not alone with that dilemma. A lot of startups may find it confusing, especially if it is their first time to encounter things that’s related to property acquisition or having it rented out to tenants. That’s the main reason why Property Management Companies exist. 


A Property Management Company is composed of professionals that include Property Managers. They handle the communication between the property owner and the tenant, plus take action of everything that is related to the property of the owner – it depends on what scope of work is agreed upon the contract though. 

Property Management Company may offer these services:

Partial Property Management

Partial Property Management means an owner can do a partly hands-on managing on his/her property, and property managers are hired to do specific tasks for the owner.

For example, the owner may be in charge of maintenance fixes or move in/move out assistance while the property management company will only administer the tenant screening, rent collection and legal matters. 

Partial Property Management

Full-Service Property Management on the other hand, get all the works that pertain to your property and keep it off your plate. 

They have the overall responsibility for supervising or directing your property’s operation and you’ll just wait for accounting records and receive your property rental profit.

Full Service Property Management may cover the following:

  • – Consultation
  • – Tenant Screening 
  • – Advertising and Marketing 
  • – Property Showings 
  • – Guaranteed Low Vacancy Rate
  • – Periodic Inspections 
  • – Deal with Lease / Lease Renewal
  • – Enforce Contracts / Prep Federal Law Requirements 
  • – Maintenance / Repairs
  • – Rent Collection 
  • – Accounting Records and Financial Reports 
  • – Evictions

Best Property Management in Orange County

There’s a lot of property management companies that are sprouting not just in Orange County but the whole State. Some may offer partial property management while others give full-service. But they all agree on the same definition of property management – that is to serve both the owner and the tenant.

a property management company that also serves the OC community, oversees over thousands of unit properties in full-service. They are known to be the BEST property management in town because of how they work beyond the clock. They’ve got 24/7 assistance for both property owners and tenants which is a great advantage for them should they need an immediate leg up related to the property.

Whether you have your own Single-family Home Property or planning to invest in Condominiums or Commercial Properties, property management companies like APG Properties can be your best head start to a successful house rental business soon! Invest your first property in Orange County!

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Interested about OC properties?

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