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Imagine coming home after a busy day to a damaged home. Could be quite frustrating wouldn’t it? Seeing clogged kitchen sinks, dirty, poorly-lit, and greasy staircases, or clogged, broken toilets just makes the day worse. What’s crazy about it is the fact that when you get up the next day, you deal with these every time as you go about your day.

If you are a property owner who owns the house for personal use or a property owner who rents it out, just imagine the feeling you or your tenants get when you live in a house like that.

This is why it is important to have good property managers around to assist in keeping your property in tip top shape.

Property Managers are the ones who are in charge of enforcing contracts, doing background checks, reference calls, rent collection, property maintenance and all others. They help protect rental investment property of the owner and ensure it is always in order.



  • ✓ Regular Maintenance checks, inspections, and visits

  • ✓ Documentation of all maintenance performed.

✓ Recommendations for upgrades and improvements.

  • Standard procedures for hiring and managing vendors and contractors.


If you experience an issue that needs repairs or maintenance, there are multiple ways to reach out to your nearest available Property Manager.

The usual email, text and call route is always good means to reach out and request for a service.

  • So what happens next after report?

  1. 1. Property Managers may need more information to avoid additional costs and back-jobs, do take time to give them the information they need.
  2. 2. Indicate the location of the issue, what’s the concern about it or for appliances, provide the model of the device completely.
  3. 3. The Property Management team will assess, review and determine what vendor they should send over; plumber, appliance vendor, electrician etc.
  4. 4. Communication takes place between the tenant or owner and the vendor to schedule the job and provide the service


Property maintenance is the process of preserving a residential or hospitality building and its immediate surroundings in an optimum condition through a set of specific maintenance activities. It includes;

  • ✓ garbage separation and disposal
  • ✓ servicing, repairs, and replacement of all mechanical and electrical systems (lighting, HVAC, water supply, water heating, etc.)
  • ✓safety checks (proactive routine inspections of mechanical and electrical systems, fire fighting installations, and safety inspections of the entire premises).
  • ✓cleaning of the building’s internal and external common areas (including drains, roof gutters, corridors, etc.)
  • ✓rodent control and removal
  • ✓gardening and landscaping

Property maintenance is beneficial for both the occupants and the property owner as it works to keep everyone happy. Every tenant must have come across a a variety of issues in a rental property they are residing in. In the event that cases like these occur, it is always imperative to reach out to our nearest property management company to assist you.


Are you a service provider?

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